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Ghost: A lightweight blogging platform

This article details deploying the configurations held in this repository. Please see the files there for reference.

Ghost provides a minimal web interface for writing blog posts using markdown for formatting, and a standard relational database to store the files. In this deployment, we place ghost inside of a docker container, with only its content folder kept persistent between launches.

A MariaDB container is included, and the frontend container and the database are connected by the network "default", which is unique to this application only, allowing the database and the blog to communicate privately. The database also has its storage directory mounted in the mounts folder for persistence. Any data outside of mounted volumes is destroyed between application launches.

The frontend container and the database container are configured through the use of environment variables. Sensitive variables are stored in files with the extension ".pw.env", non-sensitive ones are stored directly in the docker-compose.yml file. Thanks to docker's internal DNS server, we can simply tell the ghost container to use the database container's name as its network address.

Finally, we configure the labels that allow Traefik to route requests to the ghost application. Our frontend container is connected to the "web" network, which is the one that traefik is connected to. It receives a custom domain and a rule that requests coming in on that domain should be forwarded to this container, on port 2368, which is the one that ghost listens on. This means that a user can make a request to, and the request will be forwarded to the ghost container over plain HTTP on port 2368.

Happy blogging!